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Avocat Alina Boantă - Raspuns consultatie: Divorce from Filipine wife

  Glyn R.Quidet      16-12-2012Drept civil, Dreptul familiei

I need your help and services on how to apply for divorce to my Filipina wife whos is coming here in Romania.How could i start to file a divorce for her,even though we are both married in Philippines which divorce is not recognized.I need your help attorney to settle my problem.waiting your soonest reply with my problem, merci

Avocat Alina Ioana Boantă vă raspunde      16-12-2012


In order to answer properly to your issue and to see if this divorce can be approached in a Romanian Court, I will need the following info:
- what is your and your wife citisenship? What is your and your wife connection with Romania?
- which was the last common adress that you had together with your wife - what country?
- what are your actual official address/domicile? And your wifes?

Please use

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